KUAI LE - After School

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Dear College Park and Kuai Le families,

Thank you for your interest in our after school program.


Where can I find costs, hours and applications?

Check the box on the lower right hand side under "district annex site" or call 650-312-7206 

What program will my child attend?

Kuai Le is open to all students attending College Park Elementary School.  Kuai Le was planned specifically to meet the needs of families needing on campus childcare as well as those desiring Mandarin immersion.

My child does not speak a word of Chinese. Will they fit into this program?

There is NO requirement that students speak Chinese, only that they participate and have fun.

My child is in fourth grade and transferring to College Park for the first time. Will my child fit into this program?

We have students K-5 in Kuai Le. We anticipate that our older students will have a snack and homework/study time in their own area. During activity time, they will have several options. They can join the younger students in Mandarin activities (cooking, dancing , art, etc.), be a teacher’s assistant, or choose an activity they would prefer. Our teachers will work with students to choose their favorite activities and provide all the needed materials!

Kuai Le is not open before school. What time can my student arrive?

The College Park library opens at 7:45am. Students can always go to the library between 7:45 and 8:15am. Kuai Le is open until 6:00pm. Major activities will conclude by 5:30pm but students will be able to play games and read until parents arrive. There is a substantial penalty if parent arrive after 6:00pm because of the overtime we would have to pay our two teachers.

What will happen during teacher work days and intersession breaks?

Kuai Le will be open from 8:00-6:00pm on teacher workdays at no additional charge.  The District Annex offers summer and intersession camps for all students for an additional charge.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with further questions.