Gifted & Talented Special Day Classes

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The San Mateo-Foster City School District offers a special-day class for gifted students.  This program is located at College Park.  A careful screening is done for all SMFC third grades students.  Those that have scored well on state exams are invited to take an additional problem solving assessment to determine their aptitude for the GATE program.  Parents can also request their third grader take the problem solving assessment by going to the SMFCSD website-GATE .

In addition to meeting the social and emotional needs of gifted students, the core curriculum is compacted and introduced at a highly accelerated pace so that learning experiences are developmentally appropriate to the special needs, interests, and abilities of students in the program. The differentiated curriculum includes instructional strategies that promote inquiry, self-directed learning, discussion, debate, metacognition, and other appropriate modes of learning. Additionally, it includes depth, complexity, novelty, and rigor, reinforcing abstract thinking, big ideas, and cross-curricular connections of the content area.